Sadhan Resource Center: The SRC is a space to educate and empower deaf children and their parents to learn and comprehend language and have meaningful conversations between themselves and the world around them. Here parents are not only trained to help their young deaf child with the challenges they face with hearing, communication and literacy but also, to accept the child’s differences, guide the child through their formative school years and become agents of change by influencing policy making authorities and the Government.

Teach for Deaf: There is a gap in the area of volunteerism and in the perception of non-profit organisations. Most volunteer programmes involve activities that last a few hours and don’t really give the participant a holistic view of the work that the NGO does or the development sector as a whole. To address these gaps, we created a holistic volunteer programme called Teach for Deaf. It is a 54-hour course spread over 9 months and is aimed at the corporate sector. The idea is to create a movement of leaders that collectively help solve the problem of inequalities in access to communication and language for deaf children.



Disaster Preparedness: It is a known fact that human trafficking peaks during disasters, wartime and conflict. The most vulnerable group during those times are children. The vulnerability is amplified exponentially when the child has a hearing disability. For instance, a deaf child may never be able to speak about his/her ordeals to social workers or law enforcement authorities. Our Disaster Preparedness workshops aim to minimise trafficking by training and empowering all stakeholders with the tools necessary to communicate effectively during such situations by using a combination of sign language, gestures, finger spelling and body language.

Vaani on Wheels: In our experience of running the Sadhan Resource Center for over a decade, we have found that several parents travel tirelessly across long distances to receive our services. We have decided to create a mobile SRC which would enable us to travel to inaccessible areas of our country to make sure all deaf children receive the same basic rights to communication.


Head office: No.801, 2A Cross, 8th Main, HRBR 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore 560043 Phone: 080 2545 7124

Vaani, Deaf Children's Foundation is a Registered trust (no.4257) and works towards bringing language and communication into the lives of deaf children and their families across India.