Get Validated by Vaani, Deaf Children’s Foundation!

We aim to work with credible partners across the country to further our work and reach as many deaf children as possible. If you are an NGO that works on or intends to work on the issue of Childhood Deafness, write to us at

Why get Validated by Vaani?

Vaani is the only organisation in India that works on the issue of Childhood Deafness specifically
Vaani has 12 years of experience in the field
Vaani has directly reached 6980 deaf children and about 12000 parents
Vaani has experience working with the government, corporates, foundations, international donors and individual donors
Vaani has over 2500+ individual donors

How would it benefit your organisation?

Strengthens the credibility of your organisation
Give you the status of a partnership with Vaani
Helps you build capacity in the area of childhood deafness
Invites you for an annual partners meet for knowledge transfer
Helps with Sign Language training

If interested, please write to us at

Head office: No.801, 2A Cross, 8th Main, HRBR 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore 560043 Phone: 080 2545 7124

Vaani, Deaf Children's Foundation is a Registered trust (no.4257) and works towards bringing language and communication into the lives of deaf children and their families across India.