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Power of 10

National Awareness Campaign

#powerof10 is a national awareness campaign on Childhood Deafness by Vaani, Deaf Children’s Foundation. Started on 15th Aug 2017, its aim is to reach 833,100,000 people in 650,244 villages in India, generating awareness of childhood deafness and raising 10 rupees from 10 crore people.

What is #powerof10?

It’s a simple campaign to engage the general public. Each supporter would contribute INR 10/- and share key three things about childhood deafness with another ten people. This chain would reach to 10 crore people. The amount collected (in the form of 10/-) from the campaign would be used to reach all villages of India and conduct more awareness on childhood deafness and bridge the gap of communication between deaf child and the society .

Why #powerof10?

Deafness is an invisible disability
There are an estimated 3,000,000 deaf children in India, but only 50,000 are receiving professional support
One in 1000 children in India is deaf
81% of parents of a deaf child never learn to communicate with their child
90% of children grow up in hearing families with little or no experience
An undiagnosed deaf child at 3 years of age will know about 25 words, compared to over 100 words for a hearing child of the same age
A deaf child often can only communicate with other deaf people, but rarely with other members of society—or even with their parents
Only one out of ten deaf children goes to school
Deaf girls are often victims of trafficking-especially during disasters

Who can join the campaign?

The general public
Corporate employees
Government employees

How can you join?

Contribute INR 10/- and ask 10 more people to contribute
Organize small group meetings and talk about childhood deafness (write to Vaani’s team for materials and training)
Organize small seminars in corporates about childhood deafness
Join Vaani’s team as volunteer
Promote #powerof10 on social media

What are the key aspects of the campaign?

Raising awareness of an invisible disability, childhood deafness, in all villages of India
It’s the world’s largest social campaign, reaching all villages of India

#powerof10 Concept note: