The Parents Perspective- Talking to Children About Preventing Sexual Abuse

Bashita sounded polite and gentle over the phone. For such a strong woman, she was also jovial and quick to laugh. Bashita raises her three sons largely by herself while her husband often travels for work and isn’t able to stay with them. While he plays the traditional role of

Understanding POSCO Act

Child sexual abuse is sadly rampant in India.  There are daily reports in the press of children, sometimes as young as six months, being raped or gang-raped and then being killed. For several years, the judicial processes were more aimed at adult victims, they were cumbersome and lengthy, and families

Our Safety Our Rights

“We are first-generation learners. We have to walk through the forest and other villages every day and we do not find it safe.”  “There are no toilets in our school, forcing us to relieve ourselves outside. Not only are we teased by boys from our school, but outsiders as well.” 

The Right to Protection and Safety

Why VAANI? Does one ever really stop to think about how much our lives depend on oral communication? We take it totally for granted as it happens naturally and automatically the moment we are born. How hard would our lives be if we couldn’t communicate clearly with others? How would

Fighting The Abuse of Children With Hearing Impairment #VAANINoGoTell

The Human mind is very complex.  The thinking power and intelligence of the human species have allowed us to harness nature for all our needs. We have even managed to reach beyond the Earth and moon reaching into distant galaxies, but here at home, there are still many examples of

My Journey With VAANI

My connection with VAANI began 14 years back when I had to accompany Ms.Brinda Crishna, the founder of VAANI, and Ms.Sreela Bose – one of the well-known experts in the field of deafness, for visiting some of the NGOs in Guwahati and Jorhat in Assam. During one of these visits,

Weekend Volunteering At VAANI

This is the story of how I, a full-time corporate employee, transitioned from weekends filled with Netflix binge-watches to doing something constructive and productive with my time. It was June 2020 and by now work from home was the new normal as Covid19 had sadly enough made its way into

Considering the Social and Emotional Needs of Deaf Children and Families

Blog by Ms Brinda Crishna, Founder VAANI Deaf Children's Foundation The core of all the work we do at VAANI is the need to address issues of the total development of the deaf child, focusing on their social and emotional needs and those of their families, and the role of

Building A Community Leader

Muslima Bibi From Malancha West Bengal This is the story of a mother who left no stone unturned to give her deaf children an education. Muslima, VAANI and their supporters made a miraculous change in a small village in Malancha. We are sure that every village in India can see

Mandira and her Grandmother

In the length and breadth of our work, we sometimes come across children whose parents aren’t involved actively in their deaf child’s well-being and education. This happens for a multitude of reasons. It could be because of the loss of hope that comes with the fact that their child is

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