Advocating for the right of every deaf child to a complete life of respect and dignity. Over the last 18 years of our activity in India, mainly in Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka, we have worked with more than 1,00,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, comprising deaf children, families, professionals and the general public. 

We integrate ourselves at the grassroots level within communities and work towards identifying deaf children as early on in their life as possible. We train our Teachers of the Deaf with specialised technical methods to bring communication, language, and comprehension into the lives of deaf children and their families. We then create an empathetic and enthusiastic environment for every deaf child and empower their families to nurture it. VAANI addresses the social and emotional needs of deaf children and their families by focusing on early identification. It delivers the right kind of intervention based on children’s needs and cultural and socio-economic context. VAANI then builds up the capacity of the parents to be advocates for the rights of their children.


Impacting 60000
Deaf Children by 2026

VAANI, Deaf Children’s Foundation has silently succeeded in making a huge impact on deaf children. For 18 years we have been working in North East, West Bengal, and for more than 10 years have expanded our work in Karnataka. We want to build on our programs by being more innovative, expanding our reach and proving to be an effective resource for our Children With Hearing Impairment (CWHI). Our Program Strategy is to emerge as a thought leader and a technical resource organisation that deals with the issue of childhood deafness and aims to reach 5,30,000 direct and indirect stakeholders by 2026, comprising 60,000 deaf children and 1,20,000 parents & other family members, 50,000 New Born Babies and 50,000 mothers, 50,000 professionals and 2,00,000 general public.

Help VAANI reach as many deaf children as possible. All donations made to VAANI are 50% exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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